Beth Leas

Transformative Healing


Jin Shin Jyutsu



Transformative Tarot

Beth Leas offers Transformative Healing experiences designed to inspire change on all levels - assisting you to a place of greater physical ease, emotional freedom, peace of mind and spiritual connection.

Throughout her extensive energy healing work over the past 25 years with adults and children of all ages, Beth has witnessed the power of people becoming partners in their own health care.

Her special areas of interest and expertise are fertility, pregnancy, menopause, life challenging illnesses, emotional dis-ease and spiritual transformation.

Beth's down-to-earth sessions combine her gift of intuition with her personal practice of mindfulness, compassion and light-heartedness. Some of the tools she uses during her sessions are Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, IET, breathwork, meditation, guided imagery and transformative tarot. 

As a practitioner and teacher, Beth's focus is on empowering you through the use of self-help techniques designed to awaken your inner healer. 

Beth was brought into this world to share her gifts of laughter, her innate ability to hold a space energetically for her clients where deep transformational healing takes place, and her devotion to creating a strong community where 'the light of a single candle burns brighter in a gathering."

Beth founded and directs the Total Life Care Center which was born in Norwalk, CT in 1997. She offers private sessions and readings and teaches a wide array of workshops and lectures at TLC Center, Wainwright House, Halo Studios  and the tri-state area (CT,  MA, NY).  

Beth also sees patients of Dr. Joel Evans and Monique Class at The Center for Women's Health in Stamford, CT