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TLC PopUp Energy Healings and Tarot Readings in Wilton

  • Possibilities Farm Wilton, CT (map)

The Full Moon energy is the perfect time for a Transformative Healing session and/or Tarot Reading. It's an excellent time for releasing that which no longer serves you and planting the seeds for a new beginning.

Balance your body, find peace of mind and reconnect to spirit with a Transformative Energy Healing Session. I bring a combination of Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, IET and my 25+ years experience using energy work to the tables. These Transformative Healing experiences are designed to inspire change on all levels - assisting you to a place of greater physical ease, emotional freedom, peace of mind and spiritual connection.

The Tarot is a tool for spiritual guidance and will empower you to make your best choices. See your life's journey in a new and unique way - not unlike the 'magic eye' pictures that present a wondrous 'behind the scene' world. Step beyond conscious recognition, enter into yourself more deeply than you ever thought possible, and hold, recognize and understand a truth and direction that has previously eluded you.

Hour long sessions available by appointment. 
Transformative Healing Sessions and Tarot Readings
Specially priced at $150/hour Space is limited.
In Wilton (Cannon Road)
Address will be given when appointment is made
To Book: Call/text 203.856.9566 or